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Pioneer Transfer, LLC has become one of the leading transportation intermediaries in the United States by understanding and serving our customers with a nationwide network of professional carriers of all equipment types capable of providing fast, reliable freight pickup and delivery. The carriers under contract with Pioneer Transfer move your freight with the right equipment, knowledge, and ability to get the job done. Learn more >
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History In The Making

Pioneer Transfer applied for and was granted a $250,000 Security Bond through the TIA to protect carriers and shippers from non-payment or double payment. Most transportation brokers-98% of them, in fact-only maintain a $10,000 Surety Bond. Learn More >

Six Important Considerations When Choosing Your Transportation Intermediary

Choosing a quality Transportation intermediary can be daunting. The market seems flooded with logistics providers vying for your business. Recent changes in regulation, along with a shortage of service providers, have made a partnership with a quality intermediary more crucial than ever. An experienced logistics firm can assist you in all aspects of supply chain [...]